The Cities Investment Portal

The Cities Investment Portal (CIP) is an online platform that connects UN-Habitat certified city development projects with investors seeking to finance projects that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

The portal opens up opportunities for investors and city projects to connect, communicate, and create sustainable cities of the future.

The CIP seeks to facilitate the matchmaking between projects and investors by offering users access to an interactive database of bankable city and country-level projects, along with potential investors with clear areas of interest, types of investment, and credentials that align with sustainability and inclusion principles.

Cities can initiate networking and outreach on planned projects by uploading their package of information, which will be accessible to a global audience of investors that will be linked with the city-based project promoters. The portal will thus bring together a community of interested parties at the ideation stage.

Project pages will be continually updated on the portal as more detailed information becomes available. To ensure quality and feasibility of information, the portal’s management team will include experts that will review incoming materials.

The World Urban Forum

The Cities Investment Portal was launched at the Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF10) as a ‘proof-of-concept’ for a new initiative being piloted at UN-Habitat: The Cities Investment Facility (CIF).

The CIF is a programme at UN-Habitat that aims to assist local and regional governments in areas of project preparation, capital mobilisation and standard setting. Through diversified advisory to countries, cities and investors, CIF helps cities respond to investor needs, and close the gap between sustainable urban development projects and investors.

The World Urban Forum was established in 2001 by the United Nations to address one of the most pressing issues facing the world today: rapid urbanization and its impact on communities, cities, economies, climate change and policies. Convened by UN-Habitat, the Forum is a high level, open and inclusive platform for addressing the challenges of sustainable urbanization.

The Team


UN-Habitat supports countries in implementing the urban dimensions of the sustainable development agenda to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. They focus on four main domains of change: Reduced spatial inequality and poverty in communities across the urban-rural continuum; enhanced shared prosperity for cities and regions; strengthened climate action and improved urban environment; and effective urban crises prevention and response.

To promote transformative change in cities and human settlements, UN-Habitat provides cutting-edge knowledge, policy advice, technical norms as well as practices and standards and advocates for political discussion, innovation and collaborative action to help achieve a better quality of life for all in an urbanizing world.

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Think City is a social purpose organisation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of communities by creating more sustainable, liveable and resilient cities. Established in 2009 to spearhead urban regeneration in George Town (Penang), their impact and successes have led to expansion into Butterworth (Penang), Kuala Lumpur, and Johor Bahru (Johor). Adopting a community-first, evidence-based approach, Think City focuses on four main communities of practice: Placemaking, Resilience, Analytics, and Conservation. Owing to their position as a neutral party, Think City has enabled synergies between the public and private sectors, the community and international partners. Together, they work to implement projects that enhance the heritage, art & culture, environment, economy and resilience of cities in the Asean region.For more, see


GDI is a non-profit organisation that has a strong track record of designing and incubating collaborative initiatives and facilities in finance, investment and private sector engagement. Since its inception, GDI has incubated over 35 initiatives operating globally across a range of development sectors. Through the Cities Investment Advisory Platform (CIAP), GDI seeks to increase the pace and quality of sustainable urban infrastructure development in Africa, Asia and Latin America. CIAP acts as a neutral broker between investors and the city providing strategic advice to cities on designing and positioning projects to secure the appropriate investment.





UNGSII was initiated by UN Director General Michael Moller to provide scientific data and know how for SDG Implementation in 2014. The SCR500 Index was presented at the UN in New York on April 17th 2017. It illustrates that within the largest 500 stock listed corporations from around the world that the global goals has been accepted as a new guiding principle, it also demonstrated that being invested in those stocks and companies supporting SDGs brings competitive returns: the cumulative return after 4 years is 53%.

At the World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi in 2020 UNGSII and UN Habitat decided to team up with their SDGs Cities offering together with UNSDSN, UNICEF, UN Academic Impact, WHO, WHIS, and other SDG-related Excellence Partners. UNGSII’s 25+5 SDGs Leadership Platform is designed for cities and indigenous communities and the UN Habitat Cities program we will support Mayors and their teams implement the SDGs by 2025 as Lighthouses. Implementation and learnings will be shared at yearly events: the SDG Champions Conference (which takes part in once of the 25 selected Cities), the UNGSII SDG Lab in Davos, UN Habitat Urban Forum etc.

These Front Runners such as Cottbus (Germany), Iasi (Romania) Kinshasa (DRC), Mendoza (Argentina), The state of San Marino, Sikkim (India) will help develop criteria and metrics inspiring the other 9975 cities with more than 100.000 citizens. Read more







Reall is an investor and innovator in climate-smart, affordable housing in urban Africa and Asia. We create the conditions for hardworking families to secure their own homes. Globally there are 1.2 billion people without somewhere decent to call home. Through innovation and investment in housing developers in Africa and Asia, we demonstrate the commercial and environmental viability of affordable housing – including pioneering the $10K house. Reall has a commercially and environmentally viable solution that drives macroeconomic development and catalyses pathways to Net Zero.

We develop, refine and share innovative housing models that unlock the political will, capital investment and end-user finance needed to create the conditions for people at the bottom 40% of the income pyramid to own an affordable home. We do this because affordable homes not only provide a fundamental human right, they unleash unimaginable human potential to shape a future of gender parity, climate resilience, clean water and air, renewable energy and socio-economic justice.

Reall’s strategy is to build climate smart affordable homes at scale by targeting investments, generating ideas and championing evidence. This accelerates the flow of capital and the availability of end-user finance, leading to catalytic commercial, economic and socially sustainable change.






BlendCo is a group of organizations dedicated to financing sustainable development. We build bridges between investors and projects, guaranteeing stable rules, institutional and legal certainty.

We operate by structuring investment environments composed of vehicles and solutions capable of driving capital towards the Sustainable Development Goals, with special attention to the challenge of sustainable urbanization.

We use Blended Finance strategies to integrate capital investment, development finance and philanthropy in solutions with high performance, balanced risk and significant impact.






EMIF Group is founded on the principal and mission to bridge the estimated annual $2.5 trillion dollar investment gap between international capital providers and the much needed and critical and impactful infrastructure in non-OECD regions. Our team collectively possesses over 70 years in the development, construction, and operations of various types of infrastructure & we have catalyzed over 10bn dollars of investment over that time. Our goal is to apply our knowledge, development capital, and network of partners to spur multi-stakeholder infrastructure investment and construction within these regions.